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I wanted to just write "Blah blah blah Mission Statement" for this section, but that's probably not being a good host. Or at least a weirder one than you signed up for. So let's go the straightforward route. Here is the Table of Contents for the Captain's Blog series, for ease of navigation, and the ol' look over the shoulder. After all, it's been weeks. How you've grown, how the world has changed!

So here's a virtual road map for all ports previously explored; tuck it in the glove compartment or your back pocket and unfold as needed. 

EDIT 11/11/2014: Well, seems we've reached the end of the five year journey. See here for more detail. And RIP, Aharon Klum (1975 - 2014.) 

Let's start things off with:


- Here's a mash-up of Douglas Coupland quotes with Trek imagery. (Approved by Mr. Coupland himself! No, really, I'm serious.)

An overview of Shatner’s non-Trek roles.
-Where No Fan Has Gone Before,” the Futurama episode. Great stuff. (The episode, not the blog. Why don't we just establish that rule going forward, lest anyone think I'm just driving around my neighborhood with the top down, cranking Ace Frehley and chain-smoking blunts.)
- Some Christopher Hyatt quotes and Trek screencaps.

Galaxy Quest.
-  Memoirs and Miscellanea. Here you will find thoughts on various cast and crew memoirs and what not. 
Gold Key Trek.

- The Storybook Records (Peter Pan, Power Records, etc.) (Co-blogged with Into the Dark Dimension.)
- To Boldly Go Where Everybody Knows Your Name: the Cheers / Trek Conspiracy.
- A discussion of Trek canon. (This is probably neither fun nor games.)
- Starfleet Is Hiring! Do you have what it takes?
- Who is the Best Trek Movie Villain?
- Ten Treks That Never Happened.


An Overview.
My favorites, pts. 1 and and my absolute favorite “Blink of an Eye.” This episode is so fantastic. I have my problems with Voyager, sure, but when it hit its marks, it was great.

Ditto for Enterprise.

I know, I know.
But really, people protest too much. Lots to enjoy here. Here's an overview.
- My favorites, pts. 1 and 2.
- And my favorite “In A Mirror Darkly.”

Starring Hoshi's navel as Empress Hoshi.

If the Enterprise Season Five Netflix campaign ever invokes an actual series, it will likely look more like New Voyages / Phase II / ST Continues than its old self. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, as The Truth Inside the Lie and I discovered when we explored some of the more prominent fan-Made Productions (Phase II, Trek Continues, Of Gods and Men.)

The internet is filled with people with strong opinions on Trek. As it should be. But take any sweeping statement you might hear from someone who hasn't seen any of the above with not just a grain of salt but a few drams of dilaudid. 

And ditto for The Animated Series.
(Links to Deep Space Nine will appear here once made available to the home office.)

Star Trek: The Next Generation
- Seasons One and Two
- Season Three
- Season Four
- Season Five
- Season Six
- Season Seven

The Best of TNG

The Original Series
An Overview. And some credit where credit is due.

Here are the links to my Desert Island TOS Top 50(ish) in order of points awarded, least to most. (For explanation of points system see here) If your favorite episode doesn't appear below, just wait: all episodes covered by at least 2030, this I pledge.

I'd say half are concise, half need an editor. But all scratch a great deal of the itch I felt to read different (well, more personalized) reviews of these episodes out there on the web.

I've broken them up in how their closest points-grouping worked out, in case you're wondering what gives with the arrangements.  


The Original Cast:

The Next Generation Cast:

- Generations
- First Contact
- Insurrection

The New Cast:

And bien sur les Boat Chips:


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  1. As always, this makes me want to watch some Trek.

    1. We do what we can to further the cause.