GoFundMe for a Good Cause

I'd like to take a pause from the normal sort of postings around here and get serious for a moment.

Trey Sterling, a friend of The Omnibus and damn fine fellow, has recently posted a GoFundMe. I wanted to cut-and-paste both the description and the link here, because hey, you never know who might read these things, or with whom one might share it to provide some financial relief for a well-deserving family.

Take it away, Trey:

"Earlier this year, I went to the doctor with a swollen lymph node in my right groin. Initial diagnosis was an infection, but after several weeks of treatment and testing, it was finally determined to be a Stage 3-C malignant melanoma.

On July 11, I had surgery to remove both the initial growth site – a mole near my belly button – as well as the infected lymph node. The plan was to remove several other nodes for testing, and my recovery time was estimated at two weeks.

Once the surgery was underway, though, the decision was made to expand the operation and remove a total of nine lymph nodes. This created a larger incision, which in turn has increased my recovery time to six weeks. I was hoping that timeline might be reduced as I healed, but I spoke with my doctor today (July 24) and he confirmed I won’t be going back to work for several weeks yet.

I have thankfully had enormous moral, emotional, and recovery support from my family and friends, but the extra lost time at work is looming large. I am out of paid leave, and even with my insurance, there are costs to be covered. Unfortunately, my family is also in a tight spot; my grandmother fell and broke her hip on July 2, and after surgery she was moved to a rehab center, and will be coming home soon. She’s recovering nicely, but the need for extra help around the house means my dad hasn’t been able to drive for Uber since my procedure.

I am not generally one for seeking financial charity, but I can no longer deny the fact that there are bills which need to be paid, and no income with which to pay them for at least another month. If there is anything you can contribute – no amount is too small, I promise you – it would be appreciated more than I can say. Beyond that, simply sharing the campaign would be of huge benefit.

Thank y’all, for everything. Roll Tide & God Bless."

And the link: https://www.gofundme.com/treys-cancer-surgery-recovery

Some quick notes:

- I have been floored by the outpouring of love and support for my buddy Trey from his friends and family. Moved to tears even on a few occasions. It's often said when you wish to know the character of someone, look at the people around them. The people around Trey tell you all you need to know about the kind of guy he is, and anything you can do to help the Sterlings in their time of need, know it's going to both a worthy cause and a deserving family. No BS, no spin, just the way it is, folks.

- Medical expenses in this country are a national disgrace, and if it makes you angry to read about this stuff, it should. Me, too. My day job is dealing with providers and insurance and I could tell you no shortage of horror stories. I know it's become a hot-button political issue with a plethora of soundbites, but beyond all of that, please just keep in mind these are real people, real families, real issues beyond the endless #trigger media. We're all impacted, and many of us, too, are one emergency away from serious hardship. The end-around that things like GoFundMe provide is a small but essential life preserver in such stormy seas.

- It's a particularly trying time, financially, for the Omnibus itself, and I know all too well both the stress these things can put on a family and the all-pervasive crushing shade it can throw on day-to-day operations and outlook. If contributing financially is impossible, please share wherever you can; like I say, you never know whose eyes might fall on it. The internet is a big place.

Has anyone ever seen Matt Murdock and Trey Sterling in the same place?
So say we all.

Thanks for reading, friends.


  1. Thank you, McMolo. More than I can say. There might be some tears on this end, just so you know.

  2. What we need after this is a Go Fund Me to support science that would study how awesome Randy Sterling's beard is. I've seen it in person; it's just as great as you think.

    And I'm semi-serious about that, but even more seriously: yeah, this health insurance thing is abominable. I don't see it as a partisan issue. Everyone has dropped the ball, and have been doing so for I don't even know how long. Me included. This country has the wealth and the might to do almost literally anything that is doable; the fact that we continue to fail to (a) realize that and (b) turn that to good use is a shame on us as a people. That's how I see it, and any attempt to "fix" it that doesn't proceed from that standpoint is an unrealistic one.

    I was -- and this is going to sound like a made-up story, but it isn't -- sitting in a doctor's office yesterday when President Screen Door On A Submarine delivered his speech about the "seventeen-year" menace of Obamacare. I just gritted my teeth and listened to it, since there was no option.

    Well, while this was happening, a senior citizen walked in. This was a sleep doctor's office -- not in the Dan Torrance sense, happily -- and I myself was there to get a replacement mask for my CPAP, plus just a regular visit. I overheard this gentleman saying that a piece on his mask had broken and needed to be replaced; without it, the mask doesn't work. He'd literally duct-taped it together, but it was only barely getting the job done.

    Problem is, due to some change of some sort in his Medicaid, he's no longer in-network for this doctor. Problem with THAT is, there's only one sleep doctor in town. So who knows where the nearest in-network sleep doctor is for him. That poor fucker had to go out-of-pocket just to get in to see the doctor, and no telling how much his new mask cost. With insurance, mine was more than I needed to pay, so he probably got it vastly worse.

    All this while President Cakefarts was discussing the urgency of such things, but from a place that you know good and well is going to lead to even more such issues for poor bastards like this guy. What we have is incredibly fucked up; I get that. What we had before that was incredibly fucked up, too, and whatever they replace it with is going to be incredibly fucked up.

    We're doomed! Doomed, I say!

    In the short run, though, I guess maybe we can all try to help each other out a bit when the need arises. With that in mind, Dog Star Omnibus has done an unambiguously good thing by posting this info. Looking at the Go Fund Me page, it seems like it's doing quite well. I love it!

    1. The ACA was indeed a garbage fire. It wrecked things so badly across so many states. I don't blame Obama, or the people who wanted to believe it would work. Something could and should be done. The problem isn't "big guvvmit" or President Orange or Obama; it's the underwriters. When the world went over to actuaries and algorithms, it might as well have went Full Skynet. Anyway, and I don't mean to be contrarian, but it was probably the ACA itself that led to the guy in your office suddenly getting his in-network switched. That's all on the trainwreck of the exchanges, state to state, and the quagmire it's put all commercial payers trying (and failing) to deal with it.

      I want single payer to be a reality, mainly because I'm lazy and that sounds easy, but the best way to get costs down and coverage extended to everyone is to go full free market with it. Unfortunately, the underwriters that underwrite the world and the "free market" (which is probably as much of a pipe dream as single payer in the USA) make that impossible. So, some hobbled compromise seems inevitable. Let's just choose the one that DOESN'T go against all laws of supply and demand, human nature, and all rational sense.

      My two cents. I still get paranoid when I talk about this stuff online on account of my job. Thankfully the "McMolo" pseudonym is impenetrable...

      Last I looked Trey was just about the goal - fantastic! I should check again momentarily.

    2. (I mean all of this in as completely non-partisan a way as possible. I'm a fan of whatever works and whomever can make it happen - that's my blanket affiliation on this topic!)

    3. Oh, I definitely got the sense that the guy in the office had been turked by the ACA. Sorry! Should have made that clearer.

      I'm not enough of an expert to be partisan one way or the other. My sense is that it's bad now, has more or less always been bad, and is likely to continue to be bad for the foreseeable future. As long as there is a large profit margin attached to it, certainly.

      All I know is that we can do better. I'm the wrong person to look to for specifics on how, though. Apparently, everyone is.