Doll Assassins of the Republic!

The other night Dawn threw on an old horror film, Asylum (1972), with (among others) Barbara Parkins and Herbert Lom. Here's its imdb plot summary:

"In order to secure a job at a mental institution, a young psychiatrist must interview four patients inside the asylum."

What's missing from that is the following sentence: 

"The 45th President of the United States of America has a small role (no pun intended) as the diminutive doll killer in the last segment."

I tried to interest several of my friends in this, but outside my wife, (God bless her), I was unable to impress the urgency of this discovery upon them. Perhaps the finished product will, we shall see. I am very much of the opinion that when the friggin' President-elect is discovered in some cheesy old British horror film, playing a stiletto-wielding doll assassin no less, this constitutes big news.

So, I decided there had to be some kind of visual record. You're welcome, America.

Also starring Patrick Magee as the Trump's first victim.

I almost hesitate to include these last two, as I do not want to give the impression to the Secret Service nor to anyone else that I or anyone in the Dog Star Omnibus bullpen are promoting violence upon the person of the President-Elect, or anyone, or anything. This is just how the segment ends, G-men, not any kind of code or call to action. That said, if these or any of the above became widely-shared memes, or fodder for caption-this contests, it's worth running the risk of being waterboarded at Gitmo to share these with you.

Ladies and gentlemen, our next President.


  1. The Chris Christie thing earned you a LOL.

    However, on the whole, this post made me a little bit ill, in the physical sense. That doll is deeply unsettling, even without any real-life associations it may or may not bring up regarding President-Elect He Who Shall Not Be Named. I guess that makes it a highly successful practical effect.

    I'd never heard of this movie, but I approve of anything that co-stars Herbert Lom. He co-starred in "The Dead Zone," which itself has quasi-Trumpian connections vis-a-vis the populism of Greg Stillson (who also has some quasi-Penceian qualities).

    In other words, Herbert Lom may somehow be the key to all of this.

    How was the movie?

    1. I like the idea of Herbet Lom being a Yellow Card Man of some kind.

      Sorry this one wasn't to your liking but glad the Christie pic, at least, got a LOL.

      "Asylum" wasn't bad. Solid cast and work ethic, but not much going on creepywise. It's sort of a British version of "Trilogy of Terror." Kind of.

    2. Oh, don't misunderstand me -- the post was entirely to my liking. It just nauseated be a bit (metaphorically).

      It's a shame the anthology movie never managed to break through as a successful box-office format. So much potential!

    3. Ah, very good then!

      And yeah that is a shame. Anthologies are awesome.

      I was thinking Marvel would do pretty well with an anthology show. Maybe even a What If of some kind. I don't know if a mass audience would embrace it, but damn the comics kids would. Plus, that'd be a great way to sneak a Marvel Anthology Series into the matrix.

    4. Fuck, that's a GREAT idea. I bet that might even be successful.