Captain's Blog supplemental: Douglas Coupland's Star Trek

The title is a misdirection. Douglas Coupland has not to my knowledge written any Star Trek.

I'd entertained the idea of doing a different blog project after this one. The idea was to re-read things I read in the 90s and see how the books held up and explore then and now, yadda yadda. For reasons too numerous and uninteresting to get into, I decided not to do it, but I got a good ways down the road before doing so. One of the guys with whom I made a significant incursion down memory lane (and cheating supplementing with some things I hadn't read until now, namely Generation A and Hey Nostradamus, both of which I greatly enjoyed) before calling it quits was Coupland. 

I felt like doing something with just a handful of the quotes I enjoyed along the way. All of the text below is from Girlfriend in a Coma, Life After God, and Shampoo Planet

(I'm not a graphic designer nor am I possessed of any special skills in that area, so please excuse bad fonts or color choices.)

Ah, there were so many that didn't make the cut. I am ashamed. Here are a couple more:

And my two favorites:

All of the above offered in the most genuflecting manner possible to both Doug Coupland and Trek. The source material deserves any praise; my associations and appropriations deserve any blame.


  1. Yeah, the last one is my favorite.

  2. I have zero familiarity with Coupland, but I got chuckles aplenty out of this post.

  3. Just shared this with friends/fellow Coupland fans. You rock :)