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Ian Fleming's Bond

1953 - 1966

1963 (novel) 1969 (film)

"M had certain bees in his bonnet. There were queen bees, like the misuse of the Service,  and there were worker bees. These included idiosyncrasies as not employing men with beards, those who called him 'sir' off-duty; and having an exaggerated faith in Scotsmen."


"(James Bond) has conducted terrorist activities in Turkey, France, and the Caribbean. Quite recently, he committed two assassinations in Japan for motives of pure personal revenge. He has cleverly involved you in his schemes with tales of kidnapping and wicked Chinamen - he is a dangerous international criminal." 

1979 - 1996

"The Saab burst into life, and Bond's hand moved with calm, expert confidence - pushing the button to close the compartment housing the Redhawk, sliding the stick into first, clipping on his inertia reel seatbelt, taking off the brake, and smoothly moving away as his fingers adjusted the hot air controls and the rear window heater."

1996 - 2002

"The small streets were full of donkeys and cats, beggars and children, hawkers and tourists. The fresh fish, meats, and spices combined with the surrounding humanity to create a confusion of odors that to Bond smelled of rotten eggs mixed with incense and urine." 


"I think the Russian neurosurgeons removed his sense of irony."


"It's twenty-first century imperialism. People used to exploit Africa for diamonds and slaves. Now it's exploited for its ability to purge the guilt of wealthy Westerners."


"Dirty tricks were as old as history."


"I exist now only to destroy everything around me and I understand that this is what makes me so useful to SMERSH. Well, they are useful to me too. I have no interest in their ideology. I would be just as content to work for the American Secret Service or for anyone else. They simply give me the excuse to do what I do."

and a look at James Bond: The RPG

(This one will likely never appear. But it should! If someone wants to guest-write it, I'll host it here for sure.)

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  1. I'm looking forward to your thoughts on both "Carte Blanche" and "Solo." And that RPG, about which I know nothing (except for the fact that the ad on the left was in some Marvel Comics of the time, and so, like many such ads, is burned into my brain).

    1. So far, I quite like the setting, plot, and characters in "Solo," but the pacing's way off. There's my mini-sneak-preview-review!