Cheers (1982 to 1993)

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"If you start with "Give Me a Ring Sometime" (Season 1, Episode 1) and end with "I Do and Adieu (Season 5, Episode 26) you have the beginning, middle, and end of a great novel."

"The established show was still there, but it was as if it was told to pack for a trip and had to leave the more comprehensive version of itself behind. (...) If it lost a bit of its altitude, though, it never was in any danger of crashing; more importantly, it kept the brand alive and preserved the fun of the show."

"I could watch the series finale every day. When Danson turns the bar’s lights out, it’s that rare moment in TV where it feels incredibly real and earned and sweet." - Amy Poehler

"The rivalry was pretty one-sided; at the time of the first Bar Wars episode, the record stood at 173-to-1 in favor of Gary. (How either bar found the time to stage 174 sporting competitions is never explained.)"

"Naturally, while Cheers was still on the air nothing substantial or arc-altering was going to happen to any of the characters while appearing on another show. As Frasier wasn't bound by this, the powers that be could continue the characters' arcs in ways they couldn't before. "


"Janeway's mission was a complete success. From that point on, Sam Malone's heart belonged to Starfleet. Witness the evolution of the character over the series from conflicted recovering alcoholic to one-dimensional womanizer: all the better to deflect his true mission as host and enabler to an increasing roster of spies from the future."

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